.es ANNEX III registrant Acceptance


Dominios .ES (.es registry) requires us to ask for the registrant approval for Openprovider to be the registrar for their domains.

In the terms and conditions of the registry, it states that registrants must accept “ANNEX III” stating that the domain will be managed by Hosting Concepts BV (the registrant).

Continuing with our commitment to be as transparent as possible and to be white-label, we have created a new flag in the API to require the acceptance that you need to integrate it as a reseller if you register domains with us using our API.



I’m using the API, how it works?

When registering .es domains using Openprovider’s API you have to provide the new flag “esAnnexAcceptancespecifying with “1” if the registrant accepted the registry’s terms and conditions or “0” if not. 

Of course, to have your domain registered, we will have to receive the flag as “1”.

How do I ask for the registrant acceptance?

The formula could be imaginative, but we recommend putting a checkbox in your registration flow with some text like:

I agree with red.es rules and accept the terms and conditions”. In this text is mandatory to put a link to this document.


I’m using WHMCS, how it works?

In the “additionalfields.php” (/PATH_TO_WHMCS/modules/registrars/openprovider/configuration/additionalfields.php) file of Openprovider’s plugin, add the following lines:

$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array(

    "Name" => "I agree with red.es rules and accept the terms and conditions",

    "LangVar" => "esRegistrantAnnex3Acceptance",

    "Type" => "tickbox",

    "Required" => true,

    "op_location" => "domainAdditionalData",

    "op_name" => "esRegistrantAnnex3Acceptance"


Note that you can customize the text shown to your customers, editing the “Name” value.

I’m using the Reseller Control Panel, how it works?

For every new domain registration, you will have to mark the checkbox “I have the consent from the registrant to register this domain on his behalf and complying with red.es rules. ANNEX 3 Policy”. That’s all!


Is it mandatory?

The registry gave us some time to adapt our/your system, so at the time of sending this email, the acceptance is optional.

From September 1, 2022 , this will be mandatory and all .es new domain registrations without this flag will not be registered and will return an error.


What happens to my current domains registered?

No action is required for your current registered .es domains, as this change is only affecting new .es domains registered.

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