How to manage your DMARC record using EasyDMARC

EasyDMARC provides intuitive and easy to use ways to manage your DMARC record, its settings and policy. There are actually 2 ways to do it using EasyDMARC control panel by adding one of the below records to your DNS zone:

  1. CNAME - preferred and the easier way to set up and manage DMARC 
  2. TXT - requires more manual work when you want to adjust the settings

Using CNAME record allows you automate DMARC management without a need to manually change records in the DNS zone whenever you wish to adjust DMARC policy.



When you buy EasyDMARC together with a new domain in RCP or activate it for existing domain and decide to use our nameservers, we will automatically add the below DMARC CNAME record to your DNS zone. Otherwise you have to add CNAME manually to your DNS zone.

Here’s the step by step instruction on how to set up EasyDMARC using both ways. 


Setting up EasyDMARC using CNAME record (for domains not using Openprovider nameservers)

Just before you purchase and activate EasyDMARC with a selected domain, you will be presented with a popup screen with brief information on how to set up your DNS zone with DMARC CNAME record:


Simply go to your DNS management portal and create a new CNAME record, that will contain:

  • HOST: _dmarc.<your domain name>
  • Type: CNAME
  • Value: (for example

Important: The above value is just given as an example. Always use the value shown in the control panel to create CNAME record. 

After you add CNAME, you can log in to EasyDMARC control panel then go to section Hosted DMARC where you will be able to manage various settings related to your DMARC:


Here you can decide about:

  • The DMARC policy: NONE, Quarantine, Reject.
  • Alignment modes for SPF and DKIM.
  • How often you wish to receive reports. 
  • How the failure reports should be handled.

Important: Every change you will make in the EasyDMARC will be automatically applied - there is no need to change anything in the DNS zone of your domain!

Setting up EasyDMARC using TXT record

By default we encourage you to use CNAME records to set up DMARC. However for various reasons you may want to handle DMARC more manually by using a TXT record. 

After you purchase EasyDMARC for a selected domain, please log in to EasyDMARC control panel and go to DMARC section and then DMARC Generator




This tool allows you to specify various settings for DMARC. Once you provide all necessary details, please click Generate and you will be provided with a TXT record that you have to add to your domain’s DNS zone. 


Important: Whenever you wish to adjust for example the policy type for DMARC, you have to generate a new TXT record in the EasyDMARC tool and then update it in your domain’s DNS zone. 


Once the DMARC is configured and the CNAME or TXT record is added to the DNS zone, the EasyDMARC tool will start collecting the data in the panel. Usually it takes 4 to 6 weeks to have relevant information in the panel and based on it you can start tailoring the policies for DMARC.


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