EasyDMARC - Product overview

In collaboration with our Partner - EasyDMARC - Openprovider introduces a new product called EasyDMARC.



  • EasyDMARC Benefits

EasyDMARC is a full set of features that make the tool stand out in the market. 

AI-Powered Data Classification - Correct source identification is very important for DMARC deployment. It helps customers distinguish legitimate and trusted sending sources from non-trusted ones. EasyDMARC provides the Source Classification functionality, which identifies valid sending sources and reports those to the owner of the domain. This functionality dramatically decreases the time to move the domain policy from “none” to “reject”.


Anomaly Detection - AI-powered anomaly detection recognizes and informs/alerts owners about anomalies detected in their DMARC reported data. This is very useful for identifying

targeted attacks, human errors in the infrastructure, and/or third-party service changes (if the company uses third-party services).


DMARC Advanced Filtering - Precise identification of details in aggregate data helps system administrators track down any possible issues resulting in a faster, easier, and hassle-free advancement of DMARC policy. Filtering is designed based on DMARC experts’ hands-on experience and includes every single case of data filtering identified during the past 5 years.


Custom Alerts - On top of its own alerting algorithms, EasyDMARC offers customers the ability to set up custom alerts that specify the importance and the category of the metrics to be monitored. Administrators can be notified via email and stay up-to-date with any changes in their email infrastructure.


Single Pane of Glass for Domain Management - Identifying problems, reporting, and management across hundreds of domains can prove to be difficult and time-consuming.

EasyDMARC provides a single pane of glass to simplify and expedite the monitoring and control process, while decreasing the time spent on DMARC deployments. This approach provides quick access to multiple domains from a single dashboard, as well as filtering capabilities for the entire infrastructure.


Source Reputation Check - Sending source quality checks is a nightmare especially for multiple domains and their associated services and IP addresses. EasyDMARC’s source reputation check automatically detects sending sources and performs checks to alert administrators of important changes. This allows checking IP address or domain name correlation against popular blacklists and delisting of blacklisted IPs to boost domain reputation.


Industry-leading BIMI Implementation Tools - BIMI allows an organization to accompany the “from” address with a brand logo. BIMI is a standard, currently supported by Google and Yahoo which reduces the chances of spam complaints while adding an important element of trust to an organization. EasyDMARC is a pioneer in the DMARC Industry providing tools for BIMI implementations including deployment, error correction, and control.

  • What is that package configuration I am purchasing at Openprovider?

Together with our Partner EasyDMARC we tailored the configuration of the product so that it remains packed with security features but at the same time the price remains very competitive in comparison to similar products in the market. Here’s the detailed specification of the package. We will be adding more features in the future and also expand our offer with additional variants to meet our Resellers’ and Customers’ needs! You can find more details on every feature in our EasyDMARC Knowledge Base section.

The below specification is basic set of features.
Our partner EasyDMARC is constantly working on new features and most of them will be added to EasyDMARC product.
We will keep our Resellers and Customers informed about any new feature that is added to EasyDMARC package.

25.000 emails / month

1 Domain

1 User

1 month data history


Hosted DMARC

Email investigation

Phishing URL check

Aggregated reports (RUA)

Blacklist check / Reputation monitoring

Email Vendor Identification

Basic Weekly email reports

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