EasyDMARC - SPF Record Check and Lookup


What is an SPF Record Check and Lookup?

SPF lookup checks if an SPF record is published on a domain and deployed correctly. It also features a DNS lookup counter.


What is an SPF record generator?

SPF Record Generator tool allows you to generate an SPF record. Generally, SPF provides mechanisms, qualifiers, and modifiers to allow domain administrators to specify IP addresses in a highly flexible way. SPF Record generator is particularly made to make the process easy and fast.

Use SPF Record Generator, if you want to:

  • Create SPF TXT record and publish it in DNS
  • Read about all SPF’s mechanisms and terms to easily configure SPF Record
  • Validate if SPF record's text corresponds to the specification before publishing it in DNS

What is an SPF record raw checker?

SPF record raw checker allows you to validate your SPF TXT record before publishing it in DNS. Email deliverability and domain protection will improve once you have a properly set up SPF record. SPF record is correctly configured when an SPF record checker finds the SPF record, the record does not exceed 10 lookups limit and the configured IP addresses are the ones from which emails are sent.

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