Newsletter 2022 March

The domain industry is currently experiencing a very critical time on a global level due to the many challenges that have arisen from the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine. At Openprovider we are doing everything within our power to help our customers run their operations through these difficult times. Our news this month covers several important notifications regarding domains: promos, price increases, TLDs that will stop working, spring promotions, and more. Below, you can find everything you need to know to keep growing your domain business.

What's new?

SSL certificates - new email notifications

You can now set up new email notifications for selected events in the SSL Panel! For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base.

SSL Certificates - new multiyear periods

You can now purchase SSLs for 3, 4, and 5 years from Openprovider - both in SSL Panel or via API. Please remember to take into account the validation and reissue rules that apply for multi-year (Subscription SSL) certificates. Find more information on our Knowledge Base.

Openprovider at Cloudfest 2022

Openprovider will be attending Cloudfest 2022! The event takes place from March 22 to 24. Let us know if you want to meet and discuss technology and business! We want to meet you!

You can still register for CF2022 at See you there!

Email templates in RCP

Some days ago, we announced changes to contact verification email templates, but after working on and listening to your feedback, we can confirm that there will be no changes to these templates, so the templates configured in RCP will continue to be sent as usual.

Domain News

Updates to new gTLDs

Upcoming price changes

  • March 30: .click
  • April 5: .me (premium domains)
  • April 15: .saarland
  • April 25: .cyou
  • September 1: .monster, .xyz, .biz, .club, .design, .miami, .boston, .abogado, .fit, .fashion, .beer, .wedding, .yoga, .garden, .surf, .horse, .vodka, .cooking, .casa, .work, .fishing, .law, .rodeo, .luxe, .co (premium domains)

.IN March special promo!

For a limited time only of March you can discover the Indian market with the .in domains for only:

  • ₹400 for members
  • ₹1695.91 for non-members

Please do not wait as the discount will end soon! Purchase now in our RCP!

.EU promo

During the months of February and May  .EU domains are only:

  • €1,49 for members  
  • €1,99 for non-members.

Don’t miss this promo! Go to RCP!

.XYZ and .MONSTER price increase

XYZ registry announced some price changes for September 1, 2022. New prices will be:

  • .XYZ create/renewal/transfer: $9.15 USD
  • .MONSTER create/renew/transfer: $9.15 USD 

.BANK promotion

.BANK is on promotion for 3 to 5-year registrations until June 13, 2022. This TLD is focused on the financial sector and provides security to customers, apart from having a renewal rate of 92.3%! 

The promotional prices are:

  • For  3 years registrations: $1889 USD 
  • For  5 years registrations: $3249 USD 

You can find out all the registration requirements on our Knowledge Base.


.ME premium price change

Monday, 4 April 2022 at 16:00 UTC,  .ME registry will apply some changes to their premium tiers and add new domain names to existing premium tiers.
Remember that you can check the price for every premium domain using our API and RCP.


GoDaddy TLDs price increase

GoDaddy Registry has announced price changes for .biz, .club, .design, .luxe, .abogado, .casa and .co (premium domains) that will be applied on September 1, 2022:

  • .biz $13.50 Standard Registration/Renewal/Transfer
  • .club $10.95 Standard Registration/Renewal/Transfer
  • .design $35.00 Standard Registration/Renewal/Transfer
  • .luxe $12.00 Standard Registration/Renewal/Transfer
  • .abogado $20.00 Standard Registration/Renewal/Transfer
  • .casa $6.00 Standard Registration/Renewal/Transfer

For .co premium domains (2nd level TLD only) in “TIER 100”, the new registration price will be increased. Remember that for all premium domains, you will be the price using our API or RCP.


The registry has also announced new restore price increases for .design, .miami, .boston, .abogado, .fit, .fashion, .beer, .wedding, .yoga, .garden, .surf, .horse, .vodka, .cooking, .casa, .work, .fishing, .law, .rodeo, .luxe. The new restore price will be:  $40.00


.TZ coming soon!

.TZ 2nd level TLD has been announced! The phases will be:

  • Priority Phase 1: March 1, 2022 - May 31, 2022
    • Owners of a third-level domain that was registered prior to 1 March 2022
    • Trademark owners
  • Priority Phase 2: June 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022. 
    • Owners of a third-level domain which was registered between March 1, 2022 – May 31, 2022
  • General Availability:  July 1, 2022, onwards

Check our Knowledge base to see all details! 


.AU in General Availability on March 24th!

The 2nd level TLD .AU will be in General Availability on March 24! The requirements will be very similar to the current 3rd level .AU TLD, but will also be available for natural persons! Check our Knowledge Base to see all details. 

Arriba la primavera! (.cat spring promotion)

Fundació puntCAT will be running a promotion for .cat TLD from March 21st to May 2nd for new 1 year registrations, with a selling price of €4 for members and €5 for non-members. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach more Catalan-speaking customers!


TLDs that stop working

.spreadbetting, and TLDs have stopped working and will no longer be supported by their registries. .cu has also stopped accepting new domain registrations, but your current domains can still be renewed and transferred.

Due to the current situation, our provider for .su TLD has stopped offering domains under this TLD, so we will stop offering .su domain registrations and transfers. All current .su domains will continue to work as usual, and will be able to be renewed and updated.


New contact verification process for .be domains

dnsbelgium (.be registry) will apply new contact validation policies for Belgian individual registrants. Once a domain is registered, the registrant will receive an email with a link to validate data. The validation will be possible via “itsme” or “eID Card Reader”.

This will only affect registrations from Belgian individuals. If the registration is from another type of registrant, the flow will be as usual. Find more information on our Knowledge Base. 


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