Buying a domain step by step

In this article, you can find the commonly asked questions when you buy a domain from the Openprovider website.

Q :What is the currency used for payments ?

A : The currency in which the user is going to be charged depends on his country of residency:


Q : What are the supported payment methods?

A : Mastercard, Visa and American Express Credit and Debit cards.
Please note that the Credit Cards issued by Russian banks will not work.
If you want to pay us with another method, you can create an account first via the website, Log in to the Control Panel , top up the account and then purchase the domain through the Domain Registration page in the Control Panel.


Q : What is WHOIS privacy protection?

A : The Privacy Protection is one of the options that can be activated for a domain registered through the system.

For more details check out this article in the Knowledge Base: What is WPP aka Whois Privacy Protection?


Q : How can I configure the DNS for my domain/s?

A : By default, when a domain is registered through the Openprovider website, Free DNS nameservers of Openprovider will be used.

You can change these settings later once you are logged in to your Control Panel

Please review our documentation about DNS Management.


Q :Can I use SSL, Premium DNS, Spam Filtering or other services for my domain?

A : You can manually add these services to your domain(s) using the Control Panel after you bought the domain.


Q :How is the pricing for domains calculated?

A : Check out this article : How does price structure work ?


Q : Do you also offer Hosting, email, website building or similar services?

A : No, with the user can only buy the domain. More products are available using the Control Panel (SSL, SpamExperts etc).

In the future we will add more products to the shopping cart on our website


Q : Can I change the domain settings, for instance contact data, after I register the domain?

A : Yes, it is possible and it can be easily done using the Control Panel.
Once you have purchased the domain, we advise to continue reading this article.

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