Setting up SSL Email notifications

We have recently introduced a few new features that let you set up email notifications directly from the SSL panel for the most important events that happen for SSL certificates.
Please find below step by step instructions on how to configure them.


Email notifications - supported events 

For the beginning we will support events such as:

Ssl_panel.requested - triggered when new certificate is requested from CA

Ssl_panel.reissue_requested - triggered when a reissue process for a certificates starts

Ssl_panel.reissue_failed - triggered when for any reason a reissue failed to be completed

Note: this notification is triggered when a reissue fails due to the error message from CA or internal error while reissue is requested. 

Ssl_panel.renewal_failed - triggered when for any reason a renewal failed to be completed

Note: Note: this notification is triggered when a renewal fails due to the error message from CA or internal error while renewal is requested. 

Ssl_panel.validation_failed - triggered when a validation failed to be completed

Note: Notification is triggered when a validation fails to be completed by CA

Ssl_panel.ca_chat.new_message_from_ca - triggered when there is a new chat message from the CA
ssl_panel.expired - triggered when the certificate expired 
ssl_panel.will_expire_in_30_days - triggered 30 days before certificate expiration date 

ssl_panel.will_expire_in_5_days - triggered 5 days before certificate expiration date

Note: By default the platform triggers automatic renewal (if auto-renew option is active) 15 days before the expiry of the certificate. 

If the renew event is triggered successfully, this notification will NOT be sent as the certificate changes it status to "Requested". 


You can activate selected events or choose “ * “ to activate all of them at once.





We plan also to add events such as: SSL is expiring (triggered X days before expiry date), SSL Expired or SSL renewal started. They should be available shortly.


How to set up new email notifications

1. First, please log in to your SSL Panel through RCP:



2. Once you reach SSL panel click on Settings:



3. In Settings tab please click on Add notification:



4. You will be presented with a few dropdown options. Choose notification type email, then the event type and provide an email address which should receive them.



Lastly hit the Save button and that’s it!
From now on you will start receiving notifications for the events you have chosen.


It is not possible to modify the body of notifications.
We have prepared a default layout and content for all our Resellers, with a principle in mind that these emails should provide brief and concrete information on a particular event and certificate.
If you think we can improve them, please let us know!


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