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The price for .NL is going up in 2022!

SIDN increases the price of its extension every year in order to compensate its supplier’s increasing costs. Next year prices are going up by 2% and the discount that new registrars could get if they paid through certain payment methods will no longer exist. All in all, the cost price for .NL in 2022 will be € 3.19. For more information you can check out our blog post!


Afilias’ extensions new home will soon be Donuts!

On November 16th, all Afilias’ extensions will be migrated to the Donuts backend (due to the acquisition of Afilias). Therefore, from 11 AM UTC to approximately 11:59 PM UTC, it will not be possible to perform any operations (creation, renewal, update) on Afilias’ domains.


.CLICK domains are hitting the shelves!

The .CLICK registry will release thousands of domains that were previously registry-reserved on March 30th, 2022, at 16:00 UTC. These domains will have new premium tiers, and current premium registered domains will remain in their tiers.


Close the year with a bang. .EUS is on offer!

From the 1st to the 30th of November, we will be offering 1st year .EUS domain registrations for € 1.5 (members) and €2 (non-members)!


From the 1st to the 31st of December, we will be offering 2 year .EUS domain registrations for €13 for members and €15 for non-members.


Black Friday has come to ShortDot!

From November 19th to December 3rd, ShortDot domain prices are plummeting!

  • .cyou → 1st year registrations at $0.5; renewals at $2.
  • .bond → 1st year registrations at $1 and renewals at $4
  • .icu → 1st year registrations at $0.65 and renewals at $2.50
  • .sbs → 1st year registrations at $0.75 and renewals at $3
  • .cfd → 1st year registrations at $0.90 and renewals at $3.50

Additional contact details support for .UK domains

For .UK domain names, we now support additional contact details: the company type and the company registration number. The company registration number is taken from the existing field, the company type is a new UK-specific parameter (“legalType”), as documented in our API documentation [API Format Extensions Additional Data Customer - Openprovider API documentation ]. Having this information in the handle will lead to fewer false negatives in Nominet’s data validation processes.


2nd level .au domain registration is now a reality

From March 24th, 2022, AuDA will allow 2nd level .au domains (e.g. to be registered. Until now, only 3rd level domains could be registered ( A priority system will be set up, giving owners of 3rd level domains the opportunity to register their 2nd level domains first.


Domain Control  Validation (DCV) procedure changes are coming for SSL certificates

On the 15th of November, the DCV (Domain Control Validation) procedure will be adjusted to meet new requirements from the CA. Please read our Knowledge base article for more information.


.BLOG is on sale!

From now until the end of the year, .blog premium domain names are 75% cheaper for first year registrations!

New SSL certificate types are coming to Openprovider!

Thanks to our thriving cooperation with Sectigo, we will be soon adding new SSL certificate types to Openprovider’s portfolio. These will be:

  • S/MIME (Personal ID certificates)
  • Code Signing Certificates

Here are more details on what each of the above certificates provide:

  • The S/MIME certificate allows you to digitally sign and encrypt emails.It uses the recipient’s public key to encrypt messages which only the intended recipient’s private key can decrypt. Sectigo’s secure email certificates are supported by all major email applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, mobile operating systems and many more.
  • Code Signing certificates allow you to digitally sign applications and software programs to verify the source of the file along with code integrity. They are very useful for software publishers to confirm that their software has not been tampered with by any outside source. 

More details about pricing and provisioning flow will be provided closer to the release date!

Updates to new gTLDs

General Availabilities:

  • 29 November: .zuerich

Upcoming price changes

  • 30 November: and
  • 15 December: .wiki, .ink, and .gay premium price reductions
  • 1 January: .wien, .nl, .io
  • 11 January: .saarland
  • 14 January: .info, .mobi and .pro
  • 30 March: .click
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