Registry : Nigeria Internet Registration Association

Registry URL : https://www.nira.org.ng/

Registry WHOIS : whois.nic.net.ng

Registry Web-based WHOIS : https://whois.nic.net.ng/whois.jsp

Registry Policy : https://www.nira.org.ng/legal/policy

Registry Zonefile updates : 5 - 10 days

DNSSEC Support : No

Registration Period : 1 year

Renewal date offset : 35 days

Local Presence Required : No

Auth Code Required : Yes

What happens to registration period after transfer : Restarts

Maximum Transfer Time : 4-7 days


Requirements & Restrictions

- Minimum length: 3 characters
- Maximum length: 63 characters
- Allowed characters: a-z 0-9 -
- IDN characters: no

- The .edu.ng is a restricted second level domain (SLD) and can only be registered by tertiary academic institutions as approved and accredited by the relevant authorities like the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), NCCE and other body as recognized by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Registrants of .edu.ng SLD are required to be approved and accredited Degree Awarding Tertiary Institutions.

For registering a .edu.ng domain, a client / reseller needs tp send the following documents as these documents are required by NIRA for verification purposes.

Once the documents are verified by NIRA, the domain will be automatically activated.


Requirements for Registration :

1. Authorisation letter from the institution.

2. Accreditation document from any governing body regulating the institution.


Details of all the SLD's offered by NIRA can be found on the following link:





Process is manual, via Openprovider support.


Domain updates

via RCP or API

Nameserver updates - via RCP and API. Not real-time.
Process is manual, can take up to a few business days, depending on public holidays or weekends.

NB: Error message like Domain update failed: E0102, Domain could not be updated., Identical task is already being processed means previous update is not finished yet



via RCP or API



Process is manual, via Openprovider support. Restore possibility is determined on case-by-case basis




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