Different transfer statuses and their meaning


What do the different statuses in my transfer overview mean?



You can find a complete list of all your transfers on the Transfer Overview Page, including the latest status.



In the list below you can find all the possible statuses from the transfer overview:


Status Explanation Next steps?
In progress The transfer is initiated and now in progress.

In most cases, only patience is required.


But we recommend to check the detailed TLD page --> Transfer section to see if any action (like email confirmation) or document is required to successfully finish this transfer.

Scheduled A date in the future was selected during the transfer request. The domain transfer is therefore not yet initiated.

Wait until the selected transfer date.
Completed [new]
Great, the transfer was successful!

No further action is required.

You could remove the domain-transfer from the transfer overview to keep the overview up-to-date.

Locked [new]
It seems the domain is locked at the current provider, which prohibits the transfer. Please contact the current provider and request them to remove the transfer lock from the domain.
In most cases you can confirm via the whois if the lock is successfully disabled.
Status "ClientTransferProhibited" or "locked" is replaced by "OK".
Simply click the "Retry transfer" button to retry the transfer immediately, using the same original settings.

Invalid authorization code [new]
The provided transfer-code is not accepted by the registry. Please contact the current provider and request them to reset the transfer-code. Confirm with the old provider that the code is valid for external transfers.
Got a new code?
Simply click on the “Change authorization code” button, enter the new code and click on "Retry transfer". (See image below)

Cancelled This transfer has been cancelled by the reseller.

You can delete it from the overview or start it again.
Denied The transfer is denied. In most cases this is caused by rejecting the verification link for the transfer. Review the transfer-process of this tld to see who will receive the confirmation email (registrant, admincontact or registrar). We advise to contact this party to accept the email in case you re-request the transfer.

Expired The transfer was not confirmed in time and therefore expired. Review the transfer-process of this tld to see which steps or email should have been confirmed

Failed The transfer is failed for an other reason.

Please check your inbox for a system message with more details.


As you can see in the table, we are introducing 3 [new] statuses in our control panel:

As these statuses are new in our system, they will only appear for transfers which were initiated after the introduction date of 2021-07-22.
Completed or failed transfers before this date, will not be shown with this specific status in the overview.

New feature!

The new status " INVALID AUTH CODE" also comes with a new feature.
No need to delete your old request when the code turns our to be invalid.
Now you can easily replace the code via the same overview!

Just click on the button “Change authorization code”, enter the new code and click on "Retry transfer".




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