What is a domain transfer and how does it work?


How to initiate a domain transfer to Openprovider?


You want to transfer your domains to Openprovider? Great!

Before starting the transfer, there are some important things to check.

1 - Not all extensions will work the same
You might have experienced a domains transfer before.

That's great, but keep in mind that not all domains might follow the same procedure. It will depend on the domain extension which transfer steps will be taken.

Every Registry can set their own transfer policy and however most of them will follow the same general principle, you might notice a difference between them.  Some require a transfer code, some not. Some will be real-time and some will take 5 or 7 days.


We always advise to get familiar with the transfer procedure via the detailed extensions page before starting a transfer.

2 - Check if your domain is active and not locked

For a successful domain transfer, it is important that your domain is active at a current registrar or provider and that the domain is not locked. You can verify this in the whois and check for the "status" field or at your current provider. In case your domain is already expired or locked, please contact your current provider first to resolve that. Once the domain is active, it is ready to be transferred.


3 - Get the authorisation code

Most domains transfer will require a transfer code which can be supplied by your current provider. There are some exception however, like .uk or .es domains. In case the transfer code field is not present in the control panel, a code is not required to initiate the transfer.


4 - Request the transfer

A transfer can be started from a few locations, like the control panel, the API or various plugins.
Please review this article to discover all transfer options that are provided via the control panel.



5 - Have patience

You successfully initiated the transfer request and now what?

Well, in most cases after you have initiated the transfer, the transfer is;

  • processed real-time and the domain is direct active in your control panel! (for example for .nl or .be)
  • initiated but can take 5 till 7 days before the transfer is successfully finished (for example .com, .org)
  • initiated and a verification email to the registrant or admin contact has been sent (for example .es, .lu)
  • initiated but additional documentation is required (for example .ie or .hu)

As this process can be different per extension, we advise to check the detailed article about that specific extension and follow the instructions there.
In case the transfer should have been finished according to the documentation but stays "requested", please contact our Support Department.



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