Abuse investigation by registries

A wide range of registries perform their own analysis on potentially abusive domain names. This can be based on publicly available blacklists or other reporters. In most cases, found domains are reported by the registry and we report them to our resellers. However, in some cases the registry suspends domain names without informing us. If you suspect a legitimate domain name from being suspended by the registry without reason, please contact us.

In most cases, domain names are suspended (they do not resolve anymore) and not deleted, so the domain can still be renewed and will not be lost.

Radix Registry's proactive analysis

Registry Radix (managing extensions like .online, .site, .website and .tech) also performs "Proactive analysis". Proactive analysis is a process through which suspicious domains are identified based on various parameters and are proactively suspended to ensure the domain is disabled before an abuse activity is conducted or before severe damage is caused. The parameters are various variables ranging from keywords (e.g. trademark names) in the domain name, the registration pattern to registrant information, associated nameserver, similarity between the current and historic registrations, and many more.

In case of a suspended Radix domain, after solving the issue (or if a domain is flagged as a false positive), the registrant can submit an unsuspension request through https://radix.website/report-abuse with a reasoning and/or the purpose of registration. Radix shall review the request and if found valid, the domain shall be considered for unsuspension.

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