Requesting .pt domain authcode from registry


How to request .pt domain auth code via registry if the current registrar can not provide it?


How to receive auth code for the domain:

  • Login to the reserved area at with the domain holder's NicHandle (see section Registration) and corresponding password.
    • If the login details are not known please use password forgotten function: enter the NicHandle, and the registry will send an e-mail with a link to reset the password. This link is valid for 5 days. If the NicHandle is not known, please contact our support department and tell us the domain name for which you want to get the authorization code.
  • Search for the domain name
  • Click the domain name to go to the domain details
  • Find the authorization code (AuthKey) in the "Domain details" section.
  • If no code is listed, click on "Actions" button and select "Generate new transfer key"
  • This authorization code can be used to initiate the transfer at Openprovider.
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