How do I validate a trademark through the TMCH?


How do I validate a trademark through the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)?


Openprovider is an official agent of the Trademark Clearinghouse. That means that Openprovider can submit the trademarks to the TMCH in order to be validated, and the Openprovider can offer you any additional service once the trademark is validated.

Before submitting a trademark validation order in Openprovider, check that you have all required data, for example an extract of the trademark register.

Then, log in to the Openprovider Control Panel, and go to menu New gTLDs > Trademark Clearinghouse. Here you can submit a new trademark to be validated.

When Openprovider receives your order, we will verify the entered data and ask you for two documents: a signed declaration and a proof of use. With those documents, the TMCH can enable new gTLD services for this trademark (like Sunrise registrations).

After the documents have been received by Openprovider, we will submit your order to the TMCH. Normally within a week, your order is finished.

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