Making changes during the validation process


My order is stuck due to invalid or outdated details. Can I make changes?


In case your order is stuck due to invalid details during the pre-validation phase (Status is "Open", the order has not been send to Sectigo yet), we would recommend to cancel the order (do not proceed via the force request button) , make the required changes in the handle or in the business registration database and start the order again.


In case the order is being reviewed by Sectigo (Status is "Requested") and they inform you via the chat* that information is invalid (for example, the address in the handle is not matching with the business registration database), Sectigo can ask you in the chat if they may update the order for you.

You have the option to reply via your ssl panel chat* window directly towards the Sectigo validation team.


In case you allow Sectigo to change the details in the order to match the company registration database, this will be only applied to the current SSL request.

The SSL will be issued with different details as mentioned in your SSL panel. This means that every reissue and renewal will face the same issue, as the reissue / renewal will be initiated with the old details.


In those cases, we advise to check the deadline of the order.

In case the order is not urgent - we advise to reject the manual change via the Sectigo validation team, cancel the order and start it again with the correct details.

In case the order is urgent - we advise to accept the manual change via the Sectigo validation team, disable the auto renewal of the SSL and once the SSL is within 30 days of the final expiration date, start a new request manually with the correct details. Note that the remaining period of the ssl will be lost, as the details of the order are not a 100% match anymore.

Please note that it is also not possible to change the SSL details via a reissue.



*Keep in mind, this is not a realtime chat. Replies from the Sectigo validation team generally take 24 / 48 hours during business days.
This CHAT is only operational from the moment the SSL request is "Requested" and will be closed once the SSL is issued. When the SSL has the status "open" the CHAT can not be used yet.



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