How to import domains to WHMCS manually


How to synchronize a domain that has been created in RCP with WHMCS?


NB: This article assumes the Openprovider domain registrar module has been already configured. Information about the installation can be found in the repository.

  1. Login to the WHMCS Admin area and navigate to:
    Clients > View/Search Clients > John Doe
  2. Under the Summary tab click Add New Order
  3. Click Create Custom Promo and create a 100% non-recurring discount (this ensures neither the admin nor the client is going to be charged)
    NB: Creating custom promotions requires the Use Any Promotion Code on Order and Create/Edit Promotions permissions (Configuration > System Settings > Administrator Roles & Permissions).
  4. Set order status to 'Pending'
  5. Deselect Order Confirmation, Generate Invoice, and Send Email
  6. Under Domain Registration click Transfer and fill in all the relevant fields
  7. Click Submit Order
  8. Accept the order but don't assign it to a Registrar! This will result in billing charges.
  9. Find the domain under the client you have assigned it to and select Openprovider as the registrar. Save the changes.
  10. Run the domain sync cron** to sync the Expiry Date automatically.
    php -q /path-to/whmcs/crons/cron.php do -vvv --DomainStatusSync

    ** Note: If you have hundreds of domains in your WHMCS installation, it is recommended that you manually update the Expiry and due dates in WHMCS for the imported domain as the WHMCS cron will only sync 50 domains during each run.

Note: WHMCS official documentation for adding/importing an existing domain can be found here.

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