19 Domains API: How to restore a domain

This is a series of articles dedicated to demonstrating how to get acquainted with Openprovider Domains API methods. To get more information about our API in general, please use our documentation portal as your reference.

Usually, there are only two scenarios in which a domain name is eligible for a restoration:

  • the domain was manually deleted within the last 30 days
  • the domain expired between 30-60 days ago

Learn more about expiration policies here.

Entering Geo Fence iconUse endpoint path below. Base URL is determined by both the target environment and API version.
POST {base_url}/domains/{id}/restore


Name Type Description
id integer Required. Domain id
domain string Required.


curl -X POST \
'http://api.openprovider.eu/v1beta/domains/123456/restore' \
-H 'Accept: */*' \
-H 'Authorization: ,Bearer 2f4c1c3a9******15d22b378a64' \
-H 'Connection: keep-alive' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"domain": {
"extension": "com",
"name": "domain",


"code": 0,
"data": {
"status": "ACT"
"desc": ""

Restoring a deleted domain

After you delete a domain, you have a grace period (soft quarantine) during which you can reclaim ownership. When you restore a deleted domain, you pay a one-time restoration fee. Restoring your domain reinstates the original registration period(the domain will be not automatically renewed).

Restoring an expired domain

If your domain expired and you’ve passed the grace period (hard quarantine) for your domain TLD (typically 30-45 days) but fewer than 60 days ago, you can still restore your expired domain. When you restore an expired domain, you have to pay a one-time restoration fee and purchase at least one year of renewal.

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