12 Domains API: Restart gTLD email verification

This is a series of articles in which we are going to cover registrant contact verification.

This is a third article in a series in which we are going to restart email verification procedure for a gTLD domain owner. Navigate here to go back to the first article. To get more information about our API in general, please use our documentation portal as your reference.

Due to ICANN requirements, Openprovider is obliged to verify the validity of each email address that is used in the owner contact details of any gTLD registration. gTLDs include all extensions that are not country codes (ccTLDs): common generics like .com, .net and .travel, and all new gTLDs like .guru, .berlin and .app.

Usually, this process is handled automatically depending on the actions that are being applied to a domain. More on this could be found in our Knowledge Base. However, if for some reason the process should be re-initiated, we have corresponding API methods for the very same purpose.

Restarting validation

One should use Restart Email Verification method in order to restart validation of an owner's email address.

NB Executing this command during an already running email validation process will cause resending of the last verification email to a customer

Entering Geo Fence iconUse endpoint path below. Base URL is determined by both the target environment and API version.
GET {base_url}/customers/verifications/emails/start


Name Type Description
email string Required. 


curl -X POST \
https://api.openprovider.eu/v1beta/customers/verifications/emails/restart \
-H 'Authorization: ' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"email": "email@domain.com",
"handle": "XX123456-XX",
"language": "en"


"code": 0,
"data": {
"success": true
"desc": ""


If the operation went successfully, one will receive a corresponding code (0).

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