8 Customers API: How to modify a handle

This is a series of articles dedicated to managing customer objects via Openprovider API.

This is a third article in a series in which we are going to cover customer handle modification. To get more information about our API in general, please use our documentation portal as your reference.

Modifying a handle

In order to change data of an existing customer handle one has to utilise Update Customer method. This method takes all the input parameters of Create Customer method with the exception of user's name fields (or company name). These ones have to stay the same. If you need to change the name of a customer, you can do so by cloning an existing handle or creating it anew.

Entering Geo Fence iconUse endpoint path below. Base URL is determined by both the target environment and API version.
PUT {base_url}/customers/{handle}


Name Type Description
vat string Optional.
address string Optional.
phone various Optional.
fax various Optional.
email various Optional.
additional_data various Optional.
extension_additional_data various Required for some TLDs
tags varchar Optional.


curl -X PUT \
https://api.openprovider.eu/v1beta/customers/XX123456-XX \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer f106428d5016*********1fd9537823' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"additional_data": {
"birth_address": "test street 45",
"birth_city": "Test city",
"birth_country": "NL",
"birth_date": "1970-01-01",
"birth_state": "Testprovince",
"birth_zipcode": "0123",
"cif_nif_number": "",
"company_registration_city": "Testcity",
"company_registration_number": "12345678",
"company_registration_subscription_date": "2000-01-01",
"cost_category": "",
"cost_center": "",
"headquarters_address": "Test street 5",
"headquarters_city": "Testcity",
"headquarters_country": "NL",
"headquarters_state": "Testprovince",
"headquarters_zipcode": "0123",
"internal_reference": "",
"passport_number": "0123456",
"project_code": "",
"purchase_order_number": "",
"social_security_number": "6543210"
"address": {
"city": "Test city",
"country": "NL",
"number": "1",
"state": "Testprovince",
"street": "Test street",
"suffix": "A",
"zipcode": "0123"
"comments": "Some comment here",
"email": "test@mail.tld",
"extension_additional_data": [
"data": {
"admin_type": "1",
"applicant_purpose": "P3",
"birth_date": "1970-01-01",
"company_name_cyrillic": "Example company",
"company_name_latin": "Example company",
"company_registration_number": "XX123456789X11",
"contact_title": "CEO",
"ens_auth_id": "",
"ens_key": "",
"first_name_cyrillic": "Test",
"first_name_latin": "Test",
"hr_member": "",
"industry_class": "19",
"is_private_enterpreneur": "",
"last_name_cyrillic": "Person",
"last_name_latin": "Person",
"legal_address_cyrillic": "13245 Country, City, street, 2",
"middle_name_cyrillic": "Nikolaevich",
"middle_name_latin": "Nikolaevich",
"mobile_phone_number": "+7 (123) 456-78-90",
"nexus_category": "C31",
"org_type": "1",
"passport_issue_date": "2009-01-11",
"passport_issuer": "Issuer name",
"passport_number": "12345678",
"passport_series": "1234",
"postal_address_cyrillic": "12345 Country, City, street, 1",
"social_security_number": "X123455123X",
"tax_payer_number": "1345678",
"uin": "12345-6",
"user_type": "Individual",
"vat": "12345678",
"website": "http://example.com",
"whois_email": "test@mail.tld"
"name": "ru"
"fax": {
"area_code": "001",
"country_code": "+01",
"subscriber_number": "123456"
"handle": "XX123456-XX",
"locale": "nl_NL",
"phone": {
"area_code": "10",
"country_code": "+01",
"subscriber_number": "123456"
"tags": [
"key": "customer",
"value": "VIP"
"vat": "NL123456789X11"


"code": 0,
"data": {
"success": true
"desc": ""
Depending on the outcome, one will either receive code 0 (in case of success) or an error code with an error message.
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