How to check SSL product price?


How do I check the price for SSL products?


This can be done in a number of ways.

Table of contents:
1. Using SSL Panel
2. Using the RCP (Reseller Control Panel)
3. Bulk check via API

Using SSL Panel

If you want to find prices for SSL products that could be done manually by checking the price in
RCP using the following link:

where 'X' equals to product ID you want to order. Products and parameters will be shown below.
RCP price will be shown including VAT percentage applied to Reseller's jurisdiction.
Check Reseller price for product "Comodo PositiveSSL"


Product table with an ID and parameters

ID (X) Issuer Product type Domain(s) amount Lifetime
(in years)
Validation Single domain Wildcard
20 Comodo InstantSSL 1 1,2 ov y n
21 Comodo InstantSSL Pro 1 1,2 ov y n
22 Comodo PremiumSSL 1 1,2 ov y n
23 Comodo PremiumSSL Wildcard 1 1,2 ov y y
24 Comodo EV SSL 1 1,2 ev y n
28 Comodo Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) 1-200 1,2 ov n n
31 Comodo EssentialSSL 1 1,2 dv y n
32 Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard 1 1,2 dv y y
33 Comodo EVSSL multi-domain 1-2005 1,2 ev n n
40 Comodo Positive SSL multi-domain 1-100 1,2 dv n n
41 Comodo Positive SSL 1 1,2 dv y n
42 Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard 1 1,2 dv y y


Using RCP

Login to RCP, follow prices link and expand SSL Certificates to check price of each product.
You can also move inside each product to check more details


You are able to download a list of all products by clicking the "Get price list" on top of the page.

Bulk check via API

You may use our API call to retrieve all prices in common bulk response.
To check prices for all products we offer following API call: searchProductSslCertRequest documentation (API XML)
Request example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Add VAT percent to price to check end price including VAT.
Each product in response tagged as <item>, try checking Comodo EssentialSSL (product id 31).
Reseller price displayed without VAT.

If the Reseller price is 2.74 EUR then add +21% VAT and get end cost of product if you in European jurisdiction. The reseller-rounded end price (with VAT) is 3,32.

Compare the result with the RCP. Product id = 31, use the following:

Price is identical to the one we calculated above.

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