Why is my transfer not yet processed ?

This article explains different scenarios why the initiated transfer was not completed or processed successfully.

Incoming transfer

Outgoing transfer


Incoming Transfer

A questions that we receive a lot. 
You have requested a transfer for a domain a few days ago and you still see "REQUESTED" in your control panel and you are not sure why and what you need to do.

gTLDs (generic TLDs .com, .net, .biz, .email, shop etc)

If this is a gTLD domain (an extension with more than 2 characters, like .com, .net, .biz, etc) the procedure goes as follows:

- You request the transfer in Openprovider. (You can see a "Pending Transfer" in the whois)

- The domain stays in pending transfer for 5 days. During those 5 days, the owner / admin contact has the option to accept or decline the transfer via the old provider. In most cases, this can be done via an email (Referred to as "FOA2") that the old provider will send (not via Openprovider)

- IMPORTANT: If nobody responds to the email, the domain will be transferred on day 6 (so 6 days after the request is done in Openprovider).


Can Openprovider speed this up?

No, as the domain is not in the management of Openprovider, Openprovider has no control over the domain and can not speed it up.
The only option to speed it up, is to explicitly approve the transfer via the old provider. They can inform you how you can do this. (Via email or via a control panel etc)


Can Openprovider cancel the incoming transfer?
No, Openprovider can not cancel the incoming transfer, this can only be done by the registrant or admin contact via the FOA2 email which was sent by the current registrar.



ccTLD (country code TLDs, like .fr, .es etc)

The transfer procedure and transfer time of ccTLD may vary a lot, as every country may decide on their transfer procedures.
For example: .fr transfers can take 8 to 22 days, .es transfer will only succeed when an email is verified in time etc

In these cases, we advise to check the Knowledge base article of that specific TLD to see what the transfer procedure and transfer time is. You can search on the TLD in the search bar to find the article.





Outgoing Transfer

In case you are transferring a domain from Openprovider to an other registrar and the transfer is not processed, you can check the transfer procedure at the new provider to check if any remaining actions needs to be taken.

After an outgoing transfer is started, the registrant will receive a "FOA2" email to confirm or deny the transfer. Approving the email will speed up the transfer process.

In case the reseller and you want to speed it up, there may be an option (if supported for that TLD) to approve the outgoing transfer via your control panel. This option is mainly available for gTLDs.
Domain management > Request queue transfers and trades > Outgoing transfers

Be aware, this is only possible for active domains. Once a domain is expired, we can no longer request updates for the domain (besides a restore), so forcing the outgoing transfer is no longer supported.

Openprovider can not DENY an outgoing transfer.

This is only possible via the "FOA2" email which is sent to the owner / admin contact af the domainname.









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