Plesk licenses renewal procedure


How do I renew a Plesk license?

It is done automatically, 8 hours before the expiry time, if there is enough balance in your Openprovider account.


How often a license is renewed?

Licenses are renewed monthly.
We do not offer yearly licenses anymore, unfortunately.


There is an auto-renew option?

Yes, auto-renew is configured by default at any plan, and licensed will be charged on your balance once the period is over. We have chosen the option to auto-renew 8 hours before, to keep the licenses in synch and avoid accidental deletion.


What if I don't have enough balance at the time of renewal?

The license will expire so in the future, you will need to buy a new license.


Can I cancel auto-renew?

No, at the moment you need to cancel your license but remember that it will stop working immediately so you will lose the remaining time of the license.


How can I get the money back?

You can only get the money back if you cancel the license on the same day you purchased it

For example,

If the license is purchased on 10th June at 22:00, they have to cancel it until 10th June at 23:59.


You can find more information about cancelling a license through this article.

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