Plesk licenses renewal procedure


How do I renew a Plesk license?

It is done automatically if there is enough balance at you Openprovider account.


How often a license is renewed?

Licenses are renewed monthly.
We can not offer yearly licenses anymore unfortunately.


There is auto-renew option?

Yes, auto-renew is configured by default at any plan and licensed will be charged on you balance once the period is over.


What if I don't have enough balance at the time of renewal?

License will expire so in future, you will need to buy a new license.


Can I cancel auto-renew?

No, at the moment you need to cancel you license but remember that it will stop working immediately so you will lose the remaining time of the license.


How can I get the money back?

You can only get the money back if you cancel the license the same day you purchased it, before 12:00 am. You can find more information about cancelling a license through at this article.

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