Upgrading and Downgrading Plesk Licenses


How do I upgrade or downgrade a Plesk License ?



Plesk Licenses can be upgraded from our RCP.

If you have a VPS Plesk Edition it can be upgraded to respective VPS Plesk Edition.

If you have a Dedicated Plesk Edition it can be upgraded to respective Dedicated Plesk Edition.

Not only the license itself, but the extension can also be modified on that page

Note: Upgradation between VPS, Dedicated editions and Cloud Linux editions (and vice versa) is not possible.


How to Upgrade a Plesk License ?

1. Login into RCP.

2. Go to Plesk Section.

3. Enter the License Key which you wish to upgrade.

4. Click the Modify option.




5. Select the category and time period to which you want to upgrade your license.



6. Finalise your order and make payment.

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