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November 2020

DNS management

 Non-default DKIM identifier option added

Previously, the only supported DKIM identifier to use was


As some reseller already used the term "default" in other setups, it was impossible to create the DKIM record using the "default" value.

To resolve this, using alternative values in the DKIM record are now supported. You can find more information how to set this up here


October 2020

Control Panel

Link added in the reseller drop-down info box to the reserved balance overview page

Besides finding the reserved balance via the menu "Account - Financial", the direct link is now also displayed in the drop-down section in the reseller information box. This page can also still be found via the direct link which is located on the dashboard.



Control Panel

Improved the "live search" function in the control panel

When searching via one of the search-fields, the system will directly show the results while typing.


Domain transfer


Add IDN language options in the bulk operations page

Registering and transferring domain with IDN languages is now also supported in bulkoperations section.



September 2020

Control Panel

Remove white space in control panel pages to make the view more compact

We have received a lot of feedback about the use of "white space" in the new control panel. This has been reduced which will create a better and more compact overview.


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