Bulk operations


I want to perform a change on multiple domains, what can I do if I don't want to / cannot use Openprovider API?


Openprovider RCP offers a tool designed just for that purpose. By starting a new operation on Domain management > Bulk operation one can easily perform changes and transfers on domains without having to resort to the API.


To ensure good system stability, right now only 50 domains can be processed in bulk, we are actively working on improving this limit while making sure the new limit works for all the TLDs and registries.

If you want to process more than 50 domains, you can use our API and divide the domains into batches of 50.


Currently, the tool offers convenient domain transfers or modifications of the following domain attributes:

  • Domain owner contact
  • Administrative contact
  • Technical contact
  • Billing contact
  • Reseller contact
  • Nameserver and DNSSEC settings
  • Auto-renew status
  • WPP (Whois Privacy Protection)


The following modification is not included in the bulk operations:

  • Domain forwarding
  • Domain locking / unlocking
  • Requesting bulk authcodes
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