Single Domain DNS panel

The Openprovider single domain DNS panel allows you to delegate access to a specific DNS zone hosted on the Openprovider nameservers. The panel is suitable to supply to end users, without any Openprovider branding or logos, and is hosted on the URL “”. A clean and simple design makes it easy to manage the DNS records of domains in your Openprovider portfolio, including on mobile devices.

There are 2 options to access the panel.
- Use the Openprovider API to generate a unique URL to share with the user. The URL will be active for ten minutes or until a new token is generated.
- From the reseller control panel, you can open a single domain DNS panel from the “domain details” page.


Use Cases:

Suppose you want to allow a given user to edit DNS zones for a domain in your Openprovider portfolio, but without giving them access to the reseller control panel. For example, end users, or employees who need limited access to your portfolio. Simply generate a link to the DNS panel and provide this to the desired user.
If you use the old control panel, you can right-click on "open DNS zone in DNS panel", copy the link behind it and share this with the user.

Using the panel

Add a new record by clicking the “+ New Record” button at the top left corner


Add the desired details and click “create”.


If the zone is not correct, you’ll get descriptive error messages.


Modify or delete zones with the corresponding icons.



Find specific records quickly via the search bar.



Accessing the Panel via the REST API

The REST API offers the method domain-token that returns a URL to the single domain DNS panel.
The method can be found here:

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