How to create email forwarders (Inforbusiness-only)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Openprovider does not offer e-mail forwarding at this moment. Customers from our Inforbusiness platform that were migrated to Openprovider can contact asking for a limited reactivation of their Inforbusiness account, so that they can create and manage e-mail forwarders.

If you have access to your Inforbusiness account, this article describes how to set up e-mail forwarding for domains that you manage in Openprovider.

1. Create a dummy domain

In your dashboard, move to the menu Domain names > My domains. This list is empty - all your domains moved to your Openprovider-account. Click the Add button to add a new dummy domain.


It's important to select the configuration as in the screenshot below:

  • Choose the option to create a DNS zone
  • but untick the Enable DNS hosting checkbox (leave it empty)
  • and of couse enter the domain name (without www or other sub domain)


2. Create a forwarder

Click the Request domain service button and select the Request forwarder option.4_-_Setup_2.png

In the next dialogue, create your first forwarder (you can change this, or add catch-all, in a later step). Do not configure website forwarders, that will not work and it will cause asynchronities with Openprovider. If you want website / domain forwarding, order it in your Openprovider control panel. Use the configuration as in the following screenshot:5_-_Setup_3.png

3. Update the DNS

You need to update the MX records in your DNS zone in order to use the e-mail forwarding. The MX records that you should add, are the following:


If you use the Openprovider nameservers, this is how you configure the MX records in the Openprovider control panel. Ensure that there are no other MX records left, otherwise mail behaviour can be unexpected.


You may need to wait some time for the DNS changes to propagate, so if you don't receive e-mails on the new forward immediately, don't panic. This can take up to 24 hours.

4. Configure your forwarder

If this newly created forwarder needs tuning (for example setting up additional forwarders for this domain, or creating a forwarder for catch-all), you can do this from the menu Hosting > My forwarders. This page will show you a list of activated forwarders. Click on the forwarder to open the configuration dialogue.6_-_Forwarders_overview.png

Here, you can enable catch-all (if required) and add, manage or remove single-recipient forwarders.


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