.co.za domain is in pendingUpdate status after a nameserver change


  • A .co.za domain has a pendingUpdate status instead of an Active one.
  • pendingUpdate status has a time event in whois:
Domain Status:
Pending Timer Events:
    PendingUpdate        expires     2020-06-03 23:11
  • Domain's nameservers in RCP differ from the ones available in whois output
  • Domain failed the registry's nameserver check and has the following notification message in RCP:
Domain:          example.co.za
Action:          nameservers check
Status:          ACT
Order date:      2020-05-29
Activation date: 2020-05-29
Renewal date:    2020-09-09
Expiration date: 2020-09-10
Comments:        the nameserver configuration is invalidated; for more
                 information, please refer to the registry message below

Registry message

2306: Authoritative Nameserver failure for domain 'example.co.za':
NoNameservers from 'ns2.example.net', 
NoNameservers from 'ns3.example.net', NoNameservers from 'ns1.example.net'


The nameservers that have been assigned to a domain didn't pass the configuration check by the registry. A corresponding notification and an email (subject: [Openprovider] example.co.za: nameservers check) was sent to the reseller indication the problem.


Some registries (ZACR included) require nameservers to be pre-configured upon domain registration. If their validation fails, the domain will be assigned to the nameservers of the registry.

Check the configuration of your nameservers, make sure they are available and the DNS zone for the domain is properly created and reissue a domain update via RCP or API.

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