Registrar TLD & Pricing Sync Utility doesn't work, blank page is shown when running the sync

UPD: alternative solution to the problem has been introduced in a separate branch of the project in the module's repository. Please check the details in these release notes to get more information on the matter.


  • TLD and Pricing synchronisation utility doesn't produce any results upon running it
  • The cog wheel animation in WHMCS is followed by a blank page


Due to Openprovider API limitations the registrar module requires a significant amount of time (2 - 5 minutes) to process the price synchronisation. This happens because Openprovider API needs to calculate custom prices (depending on the membership or the tier) for one's particular account.


  1. Enable System Module Debug Log in WHMCS
  2. Increase max_execution_time and max_input_time for PHP scripts
  3. Start TLD Price sync
  4. If the page goes blank after the animation disappears, navigate to the System Module Debug Log, make sure searchextensionrequest API request is being called
  5. If it is, find whether or not the response is cut off abruptly (the XML is invalid, <openxml> tag isn't closed, etc)
  6. If point 5 is true, then the execution is most probably terminated by the timeout of the web server
  7. Try increasing TimeOut directive in the config file of httpd service or its equivalent for nginx
  8. Restart the synchronisation
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