Domain transfer charged but domain not renewed


Why the domain has not been renewed with the transfer but it has been charged?


Please, be aware this is in general common for gTLDs, like .com , .net, .org domain names.


If you have been charged for a transfer, you can be sure that the domain has been renewed by Openprovider. If you realize that the expiration date is not added with an other year, in most cases, this is the explanation:

You can read more information about the status of Expiration Date after a transfer in this article.


At the moment of transfer, domain was in autoRenewPeriod at old registrar. According to ICANN policy, for domains transferred during the auto-renew period, renewal is credited to the losing registrar, and gaining registrar (Openprovider) is charged for it. 

If old registrar charged you for this renewal, you may to ask them for a refund, as the registrar should received the money back from the registry at a later moment.

However, it is not guaranteed that they will refund the renewal. Due to the administrative process and the manual work, this is not refunded in most cases. Therefore we advise to keep an eye on the renewal dates before you start a transfer to avoid this situation.

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