Newsletter August 2021

Our bananas haven’t stopped watering each other during this last stretch of summer and their efforts have materialized in a brand new product.

Price increases for .wien and Donuts extensions

We have been informed of several upcoming price changes. You can find an overview of all scheduled price changes at the end of the newsletter; however, take a look at the adjustments that are going to be made:

  •  Donuts will increase the price of 29 of its extensions on the 1st of October 2021 by $1.50. This price change applies to new registrations, transfers and renewals. Restores and premium domains are not affected. The extensions that will increase their price are the following:
    •  .agency
    •  .business
    •  .church
    •  .company
    •  .consulting
    •  .digital
    •  .education
    •  .email
    •  .family
    •  .games
    •  .group
    •  .guru
    •  .international
    •  .live
    •  .ltd
    •  .media
    •  .network
    •  .news
    •  .ninja
    •  .photography
    •  .rocks
    •  .solutions
    •  .studio
    •  .support
    •  .systems
    •  .technology
    •  .tips
    •  .today
    •  .video
  •  The price of .wien is going up by €4.00 on the 1st of January 2022. The new Member price will be €27.15.

.cd domain registrations are currently unavailable!

Until further notice, registration of new .cd domain names (Democratic Republic of Congo) is not possible because of a transition of the registry’s back-end. It’s unclear how long this situation will last for, but it’s expected to go on for several months. As soon as we have more information we’ll update you through our regular channels!

.eu Brexit update: restores are still possible

On the 1st of July, EURid (Registry) implemented the next step of its Brexit procedure: all .eu domain names that were registered by registrants of the United Kingdom or Gibraltar have now been withdrawn. Those domain names had already been suspended on the 1st of January. Contrary to the registry’s original plans, they have made it possible to recover a withdrawn domain name (even after the 1st of July) by its last holder in exceptional cases, provided they can present registration data that meets the .eu eligibility criteria.

If the last holder of a domain name wants to recover it, they must contact EURid directly and follow the recovery procedure. This means that they will have to submit a request to be evaluated by EURid. If granted, EURid will activate the domain name with the provided registration data by moving it to a dedicated EURid Brexit holding account. The status of the domain name will be updated to ‘registered’, and a one-year period will be added to the registration.

The domain name holder will then be invited to log in to their account (using the email address provided in the request) and will obtain a transfer authorisation code that can be shared with Openprovider for a regular transfer.

An active Brexit domain name that has not been transferred to an accredited registrar by the 31st of December 2021 will be revoked with the rest of the Brexit-withdrawn domain names, and subsequently made available for general registration on the 1st of January 2022.

Upcoming price change to general promotions

As of August 16, the general promotions that you can find at will undergo a price change, you can check them from August 16. If you have any questions, please contact

The new signup flow is now live!

On Thursday, 15th of July, the Openprovider team released the new RCP (Reseller Control Panel) signup flow. The new signup flow is available on all devices and has a completely new user interface. We have reduced the amount of information requested from each user and separated the signup flow for business users and personal users.

The new signup represents a first step towards the broad expansion of Openprovider: we want to serve more and more markets with our memberships and offers.

Openprovider Telegram Stickers are here to stay!

Did you know that the Openprovider mascot, Rocky the Banana, has jumped to telegram in the shape of amazing and fun stickers?

All you need to do is go to and type in ‘Openprovider’.

You can do the same on your mobile phone: open telegram, navigate to stickers, click on the Plus button to add stickers and type ‘Openprovider’ in the search bar. Have fun and go bananas!

Try our new Domain Checker

Bored of waiting for results when searching for domain name availability? Want to quickly see all available domain names for your search term? Then try our new domain checker!

Speed is the first big improvement: you no longer have to wait for the full list in order to scroll down – you can easily scroll to any position on the list to find the domains you want to have. Together with a cleaner user interface, this will greatly improve the user experience.


On top of that, we have added a sorting option to the results list. Do you want to see the domains that are currently running a promotion or only the lowest priced extensions? Maybe you want the list to be ordered alphabetically, so that you can easily find and select multiple domains for your customers? Everything is possible now.

Other functionalities remain unchanged: you can see the domain prices in the local currency or in your own account currency, you can select multiple domains to check out and you can easily find the premium and promotional domains.


We are fully confident that you will like the new domain checker, so log in to your control panel and try it out now. In the meantime, we’ll be working on the next improvements, like for example a fully responsive design, rewriting the cart and configuration pages, adding additional sorting and filtering options, improving relevance sorting and adding translations.

Updates to new gTLDs
  •  On the 8th of July, .career and .realestate migrated to the Nominet back-end. Our resellers haven’t been affected in any way, except for a change of authorization codes.
  •  On the 31st of August, .london will migrate to the CentralNic back-end. Our resellers aren’t expected to be affected in any way, except for in a change of authorization codes.


  •  30 August: .zuerich


  •  30 September: .zuerich

Upcoming price changes:

  •  1 September: .com
  •  1 October: .agency, .business, .church, .company, .consulting, .digital, .education, .email, .family, .games, .group, .guru, .international, .live, .ltd, .media, .network, .news, .ninja, .photography, .rocks, .solutions, .studio, .support, .systems, .technology, .tips, .today and .video
  •  1 January: .wien
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