How SSL products in Openprovider match with Sectigo?


As there are Comodo products in SSL Panel, how the SSL products in Openprovider match with Sectigo?



Comodo is a certificate authority powered by Sectigo. Any Comodo CA product is a Sectigo product.
More information about rebranding could be found here.

E.g. "Essential" is just a name.
The name has changed that is it.
"DV Wildcard" is an "EssentialSSL Wildcard".
Premium SSL Wildcard = Sectigo OV Wildcard ;
Essential SSL Wildcard = Sectigo DV Wildcard ;
Positive SSL Wildcard is also just a Sectigo DV wildcard ;
Both Essential SSL wildcard and PositiveSSL wildcard are highly trusted and adopted SSL products of by the world’s biggest SSL Certificate Authority Comodo.

The main difference between these two SSL certificates is Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate is generally used by small/medium level organizations or individuals whereas Comodo Essential SSL Certificate is generally used by large-scale organizations or individuals.

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