Newsletter April 2021

April showers are pouring down and so are some of our prices! Everything you need to know this month is right here.

Openprovider members are in for a treat!

Our commitment to seeing our members grow with us and helping them maximize their profit has led us to lower the prices of three of our extensions. The new prices will ‘go live’ on the 1st of April 2021:

Extension Current price Price from the 1st of April
.ae AED 120.00 AED 118.52
.dk DKK 41.76 DKK 41.52
.cz CZK 252.00 CZK 223.00


If you already have an Openprovider membership plan, you’ll immediately profit from these prices; however, if you haven’t, you’ll first need to join the banana family and become a member!

Just log in to your accountchoose a membership plan and you’ll be on the right path! Our members pay what we pay for domains and get exclusive prices and discounts all year long.


.uk now supports transfer locks

Nominet (registry) now supports transfer locks for any .uk domain name, including the second level domains,, and This functionality is similar to the transfer locks from other extensions like .com, but due to the nature of Nominet’s registration system the scope is slightly different.

While for most extensions the gaining registrar initiates the transfer, a .uk domain transfer is initiated by the losing registrar instead, by changing the so-called IPS tag of the domain name to the tag of the new registrar.

However, if a .uk domain is locked, this change can’t be made. The losing (current) registrar will first need to unlock the domain name in order to then change the IPS tag.

There is one exception to this rule though! The domain holder, through his own online services panel on, can change the IPS tag even if the domain name has an active transfer lock. Why? Because a registrant-initiated tag change is a registry operation and not a registrar operation.

.com prices are going up

Verisign has announced a price increase on its .com extension, effective from the 1st of September 2021. The new price for Members will be $8.57; the new price for Tiers will range from $9.29 to $9.49 for new registrations and transfers, and from $9.49 to $15.49 for renewals.

Please remember that during the full year 2021, all our customers can register and transfer their .com domains at Member price! Until the 1st of September, this is $8.03; from the 1st of September this price will automatically change to $8.57.

This is the first price increase that .com has seen since 2012, when a fixed price was agreed on between Verisign and ICANN. However, last year Verisign renegotiated its contract and was allowed 4 price increases of 7% until 2024.

As .com domains can be registered for a period of up to 10 years, you should really consider transferring or renewing your .com domains before the 1st of September 2021. Time is of the essence. Big savings are at stake!


Hosting Infrascan has arrived!

Internet security is very important to us and we know that secure hosting environments play a major role in making the internet a safer place. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for hosting providers to increase their infrastructure security.

This is why we’re excited to introduce the Hosting Infrascan. A joint solution developed by SIDN and the Registrars Association (VvR), making it affordable and easy for you to scan your infrastructure and map and assess its risks. 

The Hosting Infrascan offers:

  •  independent insight into your infrastructure’s weak spots (Apache, MySQL, FTP, etc.)
  •  information to help you take the right actions and mitigate weak spots
  •  direct insight through scan results on a clear dashboard
  •  independent information reports for customers, boards, the data protection authority, etc.
  •  the possibility to import IP numbers and to enter them manually
  •  the possibility to check for IPv4 and IPv6.

We now offer you this service for only € 50 to set it up and € 2.50 per scanned server. For each scanned server you also receive a second scan, which enables you to check how much your infrastructure security has improved after mitigating actions have been performed.

Click here if you want to contribute to making the Internet a safer place! 

The scan is executed and coordinated by Threadstone, SIDN’s and the Registrar Association’s cyber security partner in this project. Please mention that Openprovider is your registrar in your application.

Ahoy sailor! A price increase has been spotted for .xyz and .dk

The registries of .xyz and .dk have announced price increases on their extensions:

  •  .xyz prices are going up by $0.56 on the 1st of September 2021. This price change will apply to all Member and Tier prices.
  •  the Danish registry is raising the price for .dk domain names by DKK 8.00 on the 3rd of May 2021, making the new Member price DKK 49.52. All Tier prices will increase by DKK 8.00 as well.

New gTLD updates

  •  .cfd initially launched in 2015 as a finance-related (“Contract for Difference”) extension. It was acquired by ShortDot (registry) and rebranded as #ClothingFashionDesign. .cfd is in Sunrise phase now and will enter General Availability phase on the 20th of April. See for yourself why .cfd is a great addition to your portfolio!


  •  24 March: .trust
  •  20 April: .spa


  •  26 May: .spa

Early Access Programs:

  •  13 April: .cfd
  •  21 April: .trust

General Availabilities

  •  20 April: .cfd
  •  28 April: .trust

Upcoming price changes:

  •  1 April:,,,
  •  1 April: .cloud
  •  15 April: .ai,,,,
  •  3 May: .dk
  •  1 July: .club
  •  1 September: .com
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