How much can I earn?


How much can I earn?
Your earning potential is unlimited.


Earning potential is unlimited. If you have traffic from people who need domains, SSL, Plesk/Virtuozzo, SpamExperts products then telling them about the Openprovider offers will get you sales and commissions. Currently, you are currently rewarded for selling one of 6 products:

Below we added a table that will help you to understand commercial benefit of being our Affiliate.
Please note that end user can apply a 10% discount promo code, in that case, you'll earn a little less.

Membership Full price Commission You earn
Basic S € 49 20% € 9.8
Basic M € 199 € 39.8
Basic L € 499 € 99.8
Pro S € 999 25% € 249.75
Pro M € 1999 € 499.75
Pro L € 4999 € 1249.75
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