How to meet registry's DNS zone requirements


Which registries require DNS zone pre-configuration before registering a domain?


Some registries check whether a DNS zone of a domain responds authoritatively. This means that for some extensions the configuration of nameservers must be done before the registration, transfer or update of the domain in question.

If the configuration is invalid, domain's host objects will not pass registry check and will not be updated. Some of the extensions that require DNS pre-configuration are, among others, .de, hu, .pt and .it.

  • DNS PT (.pt)

    Nameservers to be used for a .pt domain must be configured beforehand. One can check the validity of the configuration here:
    If the evaluation fails, the nameservers will not be changed and the domain will be in TECH-PRO status.
  • DENIC (.de)

    To check nameserver configuration of a .de zone navigate to
  • RegistroIT (.it)

    To check nameserver configuration of an .it zone, go to
    If the configuration is invalid, the domain will stay in the status inactive / dnsHold.
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