Escalation procedure - Internal transfer from quarantaine


How to transfer a domain which is currently in quarantine (redemption period) at a different Openprovider reseller?


When a domain name is in quarantine (redemptionPeriod), there is an option to restore that domain name via another Openprovider reseller if the current provider can or does not assist. A reason can be that the company is bankrupt, does not respond or in case of conflict. This process can be started on explicit request from the legitimate domain owner only.

To start this process, please send an e-mail to containing the following information:

  • your Openprovider reseller ID
  • a copy of the identity document of the registrant
  • in case of a legal entity: a business registration document from the Chamber of Commerce (not older than six months) from the registrant. (The identity card provided needs to match the person mentioned in the registration document.)
  • proof that the registrant first requested the restore at the current provider (for example an e-mail)
  • proof that the registrant wants you to initiate the transfer (for example, an e-mail)
  • confirmation of the involved costs.


The process:

  • Openprovider validates the request and the provided documentation.
  • If the request is valid, the deleted domain will be transferred to the account of the requesting reseller
  • The domain will restored and renewed. The following costs are charged to the account of the new reseller: the restore and renewal fee based on the extension plus € 25,- administrative fee
  • Openprovider informs the previous and new reseller about the transfer
  • We intend to complete your request within one business day



  • The procedure mentioned below is only valid when a domain is in soft / hard quarantine. When a domain has the status "pending delete" this option is not available: the domain cannot be restored anymore
  • If the domain name is currently active, a different procedure is followed to request the transfercode
  • If the domain name is a .nl or .be domain and in quarantine at a different registrar, follow this article
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