IP binding for Plesk licenses


What is the IP binding for Plesk licenses?


License binding to certain IP address is required to avoid usage of license on multiple server instances. When your Plesk license is bound to some IP address it can be used only on that server. If someone tries to copy the license file and install it on a different server, this new instance of Plesk will fail to update license.

Is it possible to bind the IP from the control panel, when purchasing the license:


From now on all licenses created and renewed will be automatically bind to IP address. This means that once customer enters activation code and activates the license on the server, Plesk automatically connects to Plesk KA and binds license to the IP of the server. 

In order to use that license with another server, it is possible to change the IP from the control panel, by clicking on the license and "modify". There will be possible to update the IP.


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