RCP Password change policy

RCP requires password after period of time change due to safety requirements.

Our current password policy logic described below.

1. Reseller set up data, password, registers an account with RCP, password is not changing, reseller works under its record;
2. After 150 days (30 days before the expiration of 180 days), a notification appears with a request to change the password (the screenshot is presented for example);
It looks like this (an example):

In the lower left corner there is an opportunity not to change the password, leaving active the same as been before; in the right corner - ability to change.
3. If reseller does not change the password, after a full 180 days from the moment of registration after signing into the RCP, a window will appear where it will be necessary to forcibly change the password: the procedure is described in one of the newsletters for May 2017If reseller does not change the password, he will not be able to use RCP, but the API access will work as before.
4. If reseller changes the password, it is also necessary to change the API access, because Old password and hash will not work for API requests! The new hash value will be shown after changing the password. You can change the hash later on the Account> Representatives> Change> Hash Password page.

Frequently asked questions
1. Q: Is it true that if we don’t change the password after 180 days, nothing happens to our account and we continue to use it with the old password as before?

A: After 180 days the password in RCP will need to be changed, but you will not be able to log in to RCP without change (this does not apply to api, which will work even if you do not change the password) ;

2. Q: No actions are taken by Openprovider if we have not changed the password?
If account became blocked, if password will be changed forcibly?

A: The record will be not blocked, we do not change reseller passwords by ourselves ;

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