SSL Panel workflow explanation

1. Once Order is purchased from Openprovider the certificate has status Open

You can point cursor to the status and you will see the date when it got this status

2. If it is OV/EV certificate with .nl common name and Dutch company SSL Panel performs prevalidation. If it fails certificate stays in the status Open with marked arrow Requested

Results of the prevalidation are displayed below.

3. If the certificate doesn't require prevalidation or if it is passed successfully request is sent to the CA and certificate is moved to the status Requested with marked arrow "Requested". You can also check when it was requested:

4. If customer has requested Cancellation from this status first it stays in the same Requested status with marked Cancel arrow. It means that we have sent cancel request to the CA and now we are waiting when they will cancel certificate and we will get Cancel status from CA. This status corresponds to the REJ status in Openprovider.

5. Once we get from CA that certificate is cancelled it is moved to the status Rejected (corresponds to the FAI status in Openprovider). Order is set to the Closed status and no actions are available:

6. When certificate is activated (we get this status from CA) it is moved to the status Active:

You can check Activation and Expiration dates:


7. For the Cancellation from Active status the same logic is applied as for cancellation from Requested status - first we send cancel request to the CA and mark arrow Cancel on the workflow (in Openprovider it corresponds to REJ status):

8. Once certificate is cancelled in CA it is moved to the Revoked status (FAI in Openprovider) :

9. Once certificate expires it is moved to the Expired status:

10. In case if customer has requested Reissue there is second certificate created in chain (in general there is Current Requested certificate and previous Active certificate):

NOTE: If customer has requested Reissue more than one time there will be more certificates in the chain.

11. How it looks like when Renew is requested? There is also new certificate in chain created, but the difference from Reissue is that initial certificate is in status Renewed (on the workflow it is displayed as Expired. it is not quite correct, because initial certificate is not expired yet):


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