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Can not log in to my Control Panel

There are several errors you may come across when trying to enter your control panel.

You will find the must common errors here and steps what to do to solve it.

- Access Denied
- 2 Factor Authentication
- Invalid e-mailaddress when using the "forgot password" option.


Access Denied

( Fout #10005 / Error #10005)

This error will be shown when you try to log in from a non-authorised IP address.
You have the option to insert IP address on the blacklist or whitelist of the control panel.

This is an extra security feature you can use to make sure only the people you want to have access, can log in to the control panel

Whitelist - Only these IP addresses may access the control panel

Blacklist - These IP addresses may NOT access the control panel



 If you receive the error Access Denied, it means you are trying to log in from an IP address which is not allowed.

Make sure you log in from the correct IP address or ask an other user of your account to add or remove IP black / whitelisting so you can log in again.


2 Factor Authorisation (2FA)

With our two-step authorisation, the level of access control is doubled, as on the one hand side you know something to login with (username and password) and on the other hand you have something to login with (a device that can generate a direct and unique code).

This extra level of security is optional as a second layer of security. When you decide to activate the extra security layer, the so-called 2FA, it will generate a ‘time-base one-time password (TOTP): a code that changes continuously and that is generated on a personal device of choice such as a smartphone, or a browser plugin. The most used applications are Google Authenticator and FreeOTP, both available in most app stores.

This means you need this device to log in to your control panel. In case this is no longer an option, as you lost the phone, reset the phone or removed the app by accident, you can not log in to your control panel anymore.



In that case, please sent an email to, and make sure you

- sent it from the connected emailaddress of your Openprovider account
- mention your username or ResellerID
- explain the reason why you do not have access to the 2FA anymore

Our support will be in contact with you and may be able to help you regain access to your account

Installation of the app is quite easy: download a version of the app, scan the QR-code in your Openprovider control panel and confirm the entry.


Invalid e-mailaddress when using the "forget password" option.

This error will appear when you are requesting a password reset via the option "forgot password" but the username and the emailadress to not match with our database.

Please note; Username and emailaddress are case-sentitive and make certain you do not copy blank spaces in any of the fields.

If you do not remember the correct details, please sent us an email and mention as much details as you remember so we can easily find your account. (username, resellerID, emailaddress, domain-name in your account etc)



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