Effects of GDPR on domain transfers


How does the GDPR affect domain transfers?


Regarding ccTLDs (such as .nl, .be, eu, .cn or .cl), little has changed. We are not aware of any registry that changed its transfer procedure.

Regarding gTLDs (such as .com, .info, .london or .shop), the transfer procedure depends on what information is available in the whois records of the domain name to be transferred:

  • If an e-mail address of the owner and/or administrative contact is available, the transfer starts with an e-mail to those contacts. After the domain contact approves the transfer, it will be requested at the registry. After 5 days it will automatically be completed.
  • If no e-mail address is available in the whois records, we request the transfer at the registry immediately. After 5 days it will automatically be completed.

You can find the current step in the transfer process in the details of the domain name in your control panel.

Full information about the transfer process for each extension is available in the Documentation per TLD pages.

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