How to update or synchronize domain details


1 - Which steps to follow to update the domain details?
2 - Which steps to follow when i notice that the domain details in the whois do not match with the details in the control panel?



The details of the domain name are displayed on the detail-page of the domain name.
Any changes to the domain name can be started from this page.

In case you want to update the details, please follow the steps in "1 - Update the domain name"
In case you notice that the details were previously not correctly updated at the Registry (whois details are not matching the control panel details), please follow the steps in "2 - Synchronize details with Registry / whois"


1 - Update the domain name

  1. Go to RCP > Domain overview > %domain% > Edit domain data
    (Number "1" in the screenshot below)


  2. You have now the option to enter new data in the shown fields; domain settings, handles and name servers.

  3. Scroll down and click Save changes.


  4. Check domain whois to ensure changes took effect. For most TLDs update is real-time. In case no new data was entered, the "update" will not be forwarded to the registry. Please use the option described below for those scenarios.


2 - Synchronize details with Registry / whois

There are situations where the information in the registry (whois) and Openprovider might be out of sync. One reason can be that the registry did not accept the previous update, for example due to missing information in the handle, a maintenance during the update or a connection error.

In those situations the synchronization button can be used to push the data from the detail-page to the Registry again. (Number "2" in the screenshot below)




Please stay on the detail-page while it loads, until the pop-up appears.
This pop-up will show that the domain is successfully modified or an error is shown in case the Registry did not accept the update.





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