• How long before the certificate expiration date can I request a renewal?
    • Renewal can be requested if there’s 90 days or less left before the expiration.
  • If I renew a certificate X days before expiration, will these days be added to the renewed certificate?
    • If you start the order within the last 90 days of the old SSL being active, the remaining period of the SSL certificate will be added to the new certificate.
  • How can I renew an expired SSL certificate?
    • You should request a new certificate instead.


  • Can an OV/EV certificate be ordered by a private entrepreneur?
    • Comodo: yes*, it’s possible, but the enrolling PE has to forego a face-to-face** verification, which would require providing additional documents, filling out a verification form and mailing it directly to Comodo via postal or courier service.
      • * Russian PE's are eligible for OV certificates only
      • ** If PE has passed face-to-face verification during the registration in local commercial registry, Comodo's face-to-face verification is not required
  • Why can’t I re-request confirmation email or change validation method of my DV certificate?
    • The most common reason is that your certificate has already passed the DV check - there’s no reason to change methods or send additional emails to the domain owner.
      • Symantec: if order is in brand validation stage CA prohibits any actions to be performed over the certificate request, including change of validation methods and sending additional emails.

Issued certificate

  • My Comodo Wildcard certificate is issued, but I receive an error when I’m trying to open the certificate archive I've downloaded, what’s wrong?
    • Comodo Wildcard certificates have a “*” in the file names, which is considered a prohibited character in Windows environment, as a result - your archivation tool returns an error. Try using free archivation tool like 7-Zip: it mitigates this problem by renaming the files containing ‘*’ automatically.
  • I've lost my private key, how can I get it again?
    • Private keys are not stored in SSL Panel due to security reason. If you've lost a private key, the only option is to request a reissue  of a certificate, generating a new CSR and public / private key pair in the process.


  • What will happen to the existing certificate once I've requested reissue?  Will it still be valid until the new one is received?
    • the initial certificate will be active till its Expiration Date. So at the same time, both certificates (initial and new reissued one) are active and valid.



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