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This article describes the procedures and requirements of .ru domain names.
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Successful domain registration requires:

  • Filling out .ru additional data fields during contact creation
    • For legal entities:
      • VAT number or company registration number
      • Company name with clearly stated type (B.V., LLC, etc)
      • Mobile phone
      • Company legal address
      • Company postal address
    • For private individuals:
      • VAT number (optional)
      • Mobile phone
      • Birth date
      • Passport / ID number
      • Passport / ID series (if not present, put a placehollder)
      • Passport / ID issuer organization
      • Passport / ID issue date
      • First name
      • Middle name (optional)
      • Last name
      • Postal address
  • Verifying mobile phone number via RCP or API

NB: Russia based entities must supply company / person name in both Cyrillic and Latin variantsl. For non-Russia based entities it's allowed to fill only Latin names and paste them in Cyrillic fields

  • Domain contacts are automatically imported from the registry, supplying them is not required
  • After successfull transfer owner change and transfers are prohibited for 30 days
  • Authorization code is valid for 20 days
Authorization code required yes
Method of confirmation authcode
Registration period after transfer unchanged
Average transfer time max 14 days
Advanced and simple transfers available Contact our Sales department to check if easy transfer of 100 or more .ru domains is available.
  • Authorization code request - via RCP or API
  • Authorization code delivery - directly to domain owner via SMS, email or post
  • Authorization code is valid for 20 days
  • Process is manual and takes up to 3 business days

Owner change (trade)

A trade can be requested through the control panel and requires the authorization code of the domain. Current domain owner must request an authcode via control panel, receive it and send the authcode to the gaining owner. Gaining owner must request a domain trade via control panel using the authcode provided by the current owner. Upon initiating the trade current owner's reseller will receive a message notifying him that the trade procedure has been initiated and describing the actions that need to be performed next. In order to commence the domain owner change operation current domain owner should provide a set of documents proving the owner’s identity and intention. Owner can provide said set of documents in 2 different ways: by regular postal mail (or any other express delivery service of the owner’s choice), or visit the local Openprovider office personally. You can find the list of necessary documents below. For private individuals:

  1. Via postal mail: scanned copy of the domain owner’s passport plus completed and notarized domain owner change application form.
  2. Personal visit: domain owner can come personally to one of Openprovider's offices with a passport and fill in the domain owner change application form on the spot.

Download application form for private individuals For legal entities:

  1. Via postal mail: Sealed and completed domain owner change application form with company's letter-head signed by an entitled person and a set of business documents: for Russian companies – scanned copies of INN, OGRN and EGRUL extract (the latter must be no older than 30 days prior to the day the application form has been sent). For all, but non-Russian companies – scanned copy of a business certificate or chamber of commerce extract. Please note that all business documents must be sealed and signed by an entitled person as well.
  2. Personal visit: Official company representative can visit Openprovider office personally, bringing the set of documents described in the previous paragraph, plus a letter of attorney and a passport.

Download application form for legal entities Please bear in mind that this procedure is only valid for a trade between handles inside a single reseller account. If you want to trade domains between two different handles belonging to two different Openprovider reseller accounts - please notify us by email ( The first 30 days after the last transfer or owner change, a domain cannot be transferred to another registrar or traded to another owner.

Other update

Nameservers and owner contact details (phone, fax, email) can be changed by request via Openprovider support. Domain owner identification details (company, name, address, passport number, VAT, etc.) can be changed only by a written request. For legal entities:

  1. Fill in the application form
  2. Send us a scanned copy of the application form and company business certificate, proving the validity of the new identification details.
  3. If everything is correct, we will update the domain owner handle

For private individuals:

  1. Fill in the application form (Russian version)
  2. Send us a scanned copy of the application form and downer's passport or ID proving the validity of the new identification details
  3. If everything is correct, we will update the domain owner handle


Besides the explicit deletion request through our system you have to send an original cancellation letter by post to us. Please use the forms below to file an application: Domain deletion application for private individuals Domain deletion application for legal entities Once application is ready, please send it to our support via email first, before sending us a hardcopy. We'll check if form is filled in correctly for you.

Restore / reactivate

RU domains have three phases of lifetime: 1. Alive period - activation, it lasts one year and domain remains alive at this period ; 2. Renew period - domain falls into that period after expiration date and this period is equal 30 days ; 3. Deletion period - if customer does not renew domain it deletes on 31th day after renew period starts (registry removal limit is 15000 domains per day, domains are not deleting on weekends, holidays and the day after the weekend. Time to remove domains from the registry is between 5 PM and 6:30 PM GMT+3/Russia/Moscow timezone). If you renew domain in alive/renew period it will be prolonged to one year and final date could be found in WHOIS in 'free-date' field. Renew is available before 60 days of 'alive period' and 30 days after 'alive period' while domain is in 'renew period' Once domain's expired it's put into 30-day autorenewal grace period, during which domain can be restored + renewed for 1 year for a standard renewal fee. If domain isn't restored during this period, it's deleted completely once it ends. Let's check an examples: Case one. You register on 01-01-19 and paid once for creation operation. Then domain falls into renew period since 01-01-20 till 30-01-20. If you do not act in a period of 01-01-20 till 30-01-20 domain will being deleted on 31-01-20 if it's not holiday/weekend. If you sent delete command while domain in 'alive'/'renew' period same thing will happen. Domain will be shown in whois as an exist till 'free-date'. Case two. You register on 01-01-19 and paid once for creation operation then for renewal +1 Year. Then you sent delete command on 01-02-19. As domain already renewed till 01-01-21 it will be free only on 31-01-21. Please note even if you sent delete command in renew period you can restore domain and then renew it. What is about renewal - if you turned renewal ON for RU domain it will be renewed on expiration day, cause RU domains are set up to Renewal offset = 0 that means they autorenew exactly the same day they expire.

Technical information
  • Available second level domains:
  • DNSSEC support: no
  • Minimum length: 3 characters
  • Maximum length: 63 characters
  • Allowed characters: a-z 0-9 -
  • IDN characters: no, use .рф as alternative (IDN .xn--p1ai)
  • Cyrillic domain names can only be registered with .рф tld
  • Registry unreachable for standard domain operations (registration, update, transfer, etc.) Mon - Fri 14:00 - 15:00 UTC (expired domains deletion time-frame)
  • Registration period: 1 year
  • Renewal date offset: 0 days
    The number of days before the registry's expiration date, that Openprovider requires the domain to be renewed or expired. More info.
  • Soft quarantine period: 30 days
    During this period, following after an expiration, the domain can be restored for free. This period does not apply if the domain is deleted explicitly. More info.
  • Quarantine period: 0 days
    During this period, an expired or deleted domain name can be reactivated at an additional fee.
  • Local presence required? no
  • Does Openprovider provide local presence services? no
  • Local activity required? no
  • Correct nameserver configuration required? no
  • The Domain(s) can be registered without further limitations.
  • .ru/.рф additional data fields must be filled-in
  • For non-Russia based individuals and companies, Cyrillic .ru / .рф additional data fields can be filled-in in Latin characters
  • Company number (companies) or Identity Card number (individuals) is required.
  • Registrant name must include the company type if the registrant is a company. For example: 'BV', 'Ltd.', 'GmbH'.
  • Cyrillic domain names can only be registered with .рф tld
  • The Terms and Conditions of Domain Names Registration in domains .RU:
  • In accordance with clauses 9.3.7 - 9.3.8 of registry policies, we may initiate domain owner details verification at will, if we suspect said details inconsistency. If documents, verifying supplied owner details are not present within 7 calendar days since requested, domain delegation is terminated in accordance with clause 5.6 of registry's T&Cs, until documents are supplied.
Registration agreement The registry requires that a registration agreement is in place between the provider and the domain holder. The text of this registration agreement and any required supplements is the following:
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