How do I import my existing DNS zones into the Openprovider nameservers?

This article describes how you can migrate from your current nameservers to the nameservers of Openprovider. This article starts by explaining how to do it yourself, but also describes the option that we do it for you.

This article contains the following sections:

Using the Openprovider API to create DNS zones

For each domain and each zone, you follow those three steps:

  1. Get the current contents of your DNS zone. How you do this, completely depends on your current situation. Maybe you can get the contents through an API call to your current nameserver provider, maybe you have the data available in another format, maybe every DNS zone is composed based on one standard template, ... This step is completely your's!
  2. Create a DNS zone in Openprovider. While you can do this through the Openprovider control panel, it may be much more convenient to use our API. The command to use is createZoneDnsRequest. Inside this command, you define all records of the zone that you are creating.
  3. Update the domain. Once the zone is available in Openprovider, you can update the nameservers that are linked to the domain name. Again, the API is the way to go. Use modifyDomainRequest in this case. The only required variables in this command are the domain and the nsGroup, which must be dns-openprovider.

Let Openprovider do the work

Of course, we can assist you as well! Reach out to our support team and they will tell you what we can do for you and what administrative fee we will charge. Normally this will be around €100-€150, depending on the number of zones and domains to process.

The two sub sections below describe the two most common scenarios. If you prepare well, the process will run very smooth!

Through zone file access

This method is preferred by us, simply because it's so simple! The only thing you need to do is allowing our server (on IP address to read full zone information from your primary nameserver. This is called zone file transfer or AXFR.

When you have configured this in your nameserver, send us a list with all domains that you want us to process. We will then read your zones, copy them to the Openprovider nameservers and update the domains if you want us to do so.

Through zone exports

If you currently host your nameservers at a third party, they may not be too happy to open their nameservers for us. In that case, you can ask them to export your DNS zones to a plain text file. As each provider creates different exports, it's not possible to show examples here, but know that we are very flexible! Just send us the export and we can tell you if we can work with it.

We will then adapt our scripts and create the DNS zones for you. Of course, we can also update your domains.

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