Invoice settings

After you are logged on to PowerPanel let’s take a look at the “invoice settings“. This page contains three sections. The first section has the basic options. You can setup the way you want the system to generate invoices for your customers. You have to make sure the right starting number has been entered. If you switch from a billing system to PowerPanel you can enter the last invoice number so the next invoice will be created with the correct number in line.

Make sure you enter your bank account number. This number will be printed on the invoices so your customers know how to pay the invoice. If you want, you can setup the cost if your customers wants to get the invoice by regular mail instead of email.

The second section is about the billing policy. The system automatically generates invoices on a time you want. If the invoice has been created you can setup what PowerPanel needs to do. PowerPanel can approve the invoices automatically and send them right away to your customer. If you want to check the invoice your self you can disable this option (automatic approval). Also you have the option to setup some rules. For example, if the invoice amount is larger than 100 euros you want to approve your sef. In this case enable the option “Maximum amount” and enter 100 in the field. Now PowerPanel does not approve the invoice on an amount larger than 100 euro.

PowerPanel is fully white labeled, this means you have to create your own invoice template. This is ordinary HTML so it’s easy to design your own great invoices. Check our detail invoice template support page for more information and you can download an nice example to get you started right away.



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