Getting Started

Getting started with PowerPanel

The moment you have created a PowerPanel account you are ready to start using PowerPanel! Before you start it’s good to read these simple steps below. These steps will help you to start using PowerPanel very quickly and will make sure you don’t forget any actions to setup.

Checking your own PowerPanel settings.

The moment your are logged in for the first time and you have clicked around the system. It’s good to start by going through the system –> Settings.

Here you can find “invoice settings”, “debtor settings” and “system messages”.

Invoice settings

Let’s start by taking a look at the “invoice settings". Check all sections on the page and fill all the fields you need. If you need to know more about "invoice settings", please check this link.

System messages

PowerPanel send e-mail messages to your customers. This message can be branden in the style you like. Check all sections on the page and fill in all the fields you need. If you need to know more about "system messages", check our help page.

White label options and branding settings

As promised PowerPanel is fully white label. There are several options you can edit an manage yourself. One of the most powerful option is the realtime PowerPanel internet address editor. You can choose your own internet address for PowerPanel. Besides this you can setup a white label URL options for your customers. If you need to know more about the "white label options", check our help page.

Activate the integrated webshop

Make PowerPanel more PowerFull by activating your own webshop and start selling today! 


Activate the plugins you need

Without any active plugins PowerPanel is a bit useless. Go to the built in marketplace and activate all plugins you need.




Create your hosting plans

Websites, domain names, SSL certificates and other options need to be activated before you can sell them. You also need hosting plans in order to convert your websites into customer subscriptions.


Now create your first customer

Create a customer and give your customer access to your customized PowerPanel. If you have already customers in another system, you can import your existing customers to PowerPanel. 



CSS Example

You can change every bit of our Control Panel with your custom css. Just look up the CSS selector and change it to your own style.

Reminder: the changes are visible after you log off and log on again. This is because you need to renew your session to load the new CSS.

The location where you add your CSS is Settings -> Branding -> CP branding


This is the custom CSS we used to create our login page:

div#login_box a {color: #339999;}

.masthead-title, div.header, h1, h2, h3, h4 {color: #0086BF}

legend {color: #339999; font-weight: bold;}

div#menu ul li {color: #339999;}

div#submenu ul li {color: #0086BF;}

div.paginatie a {color: #44B9EA;}

div#content_left ul li {color: #0086BF;}

div#content_left ul li ul li {color: #0086BF;}

div.input_row .blue {background: #009FE2;}

a.navbar-brand img {width:52px}

.navbar-text {color:#fff;}

ul.nav.navbar-nav.navbar-right li a {color:#000 !important;}



Configuring your webshop

To enable the built in webshop that PowerPanel has built in you will have to enable it first in your license view.

Go to Profile -> License and toggle on the webshop.


After this you go to System -> Branding -> Web shop branding.

Here you can enter the following the details:

– Webshop title.

– Default country.

– Webshop logo. The logo that is shown in the top left corner.

– Custom css. The css you want to change in the webshop.

– Meta tags. The meta tags you want add to your webshop.

– Description domain registration. Your own text for the domain registration page.


After this you can edit your Webshop homepage settings.

Here you can decide the content of your webshop homepage, which is visible for your customers.


White label settings

If you want to give your customers a place where they can have their whitelabel webshop you can enter this in the next field.

Don’t forget to fill in your SSL credentials for the domain.


Webshop address

Enter the address for your webshop.

Click the edit button to choose an option:

Here you can choose a free whitelabel domain name :

Or your own URL :



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