Local presence services

There are several registries that require a local address (local presence) for the registrant or one of the domain contacts. Openprovider can provide such a trustee service for the extensions listed below. Some of them are automatically included for free, others need to be ordered separately through control panel or API. For pricing information, please refer to the price list in your control panel or just start ordering a domain and you'll be presented the current price.

  • .ba (Bosnia-Hercegovina)
  • (Argentina)
  • (Brazil), included for free
  • .cn (China)
  • .de (Germany)
  • .fr (France)
  • .hu, (Hungary), included for free
  •, (Indonesia)
  • .jp (Japan), included for free (not available for
  • .kr,, (Korea), included for free
  • .my,,, (Malaysia)
  • .rs (Serbia), included for free
  • .sg, (Singapore), included for free
  • .sk (Slovakia), included for free
  • .uk (Great Britain)
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