Manual for Pre-validation checks

Openprovider has released pre-validation checks on OV and EV SSL orders for Dutch customers.These checks are for certificates for .nl domains and for new gTLDs.

We experience that some orders have validation problems due to incorrect details of the company requesting the certificate. With our new panel we solve this problem, you can see real time if the given information is correct or weither information needs to be adjusted.

How does it work?

When you place an order our system is going to check if the company requesting the certificate appears in the Chamber of commerce and if their telephone number appears in a public source (, kvk, etc).

In case our system finds problems to validate the company it will send an email with the problems. The email is sent to the email address of the administrative contact of your account.

What can I do?

If a certificate is requested with the correct details and the company can be found you don't have to do anything.

If a certificate is requested with wrong data then you can log into our new SSL panel and change it to solve the validation issues.

Usually the validation issues are related to the company name, company address or because the CA (Certificate Authority) can't validate the telephone number of the company.

The new SSL panel tells you the options to solve these validation issues and you can update the order to make sure that the CA is going to be able to validate the company succesfully.

Where can I find the status of my order?

There are different ways to log into our SSL panel:

  1. Go to and click on your order. Under the 'order details' you will see a button with the text 'View details in SSL Panel beta' click here to log into our new panel and check what the messages are on 'validation'.

  1. Go to and click on the button 'Try the new wizard beta'


You can also log in directly via with your Openprovider credentials.


Examples of validation errors

  1. Company details on the order do not match with the information from the kvk.

      • The panel tells you what the problem is and it gives you a link to our KB where you can find more information about what to do.

      • Click on 'See differences in KvK result' to see what the differences are.



If the address is not correct on the order go to your Openprovider account, click on 'customer management' and change the address of the handle or create a new contact. Then go back to your order in the SSL panel and click on 'Edit certificate' (update the handle if needed) and then click on 'request'.

If the company name is not correct you will have to create a new customer in the Openprovider panel and then update it in the SSL panel.

If the company name or the address is not correct on the kvk-details then please contact the kvk to update the information.

  1. Telephone number can't be found on a public source.

The CA and our system check the following public sources:



      • kvk

If the company's telephone number appears in another 'accepted source' then please click on the button 'force request' and the order will be sent to the CA.

If all validation issues are solved you will see that the certificate status will be changed from 'Open' to 'requested'. We have sent your order succesfully to the CA.

If not all problems can be solved but you are sure that the certificate can be validated with the current data then please click on the button 'force request' and it will be sent to the CA anyway.













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